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Capitol TwinPeaks model apartment now open

September 22, 2017


Capitol Developers, the company developing the iconic Capitol TwinPeaks has unveiled its model apartment to the public for viewing. Staying true to its impeccable track record of delivering projects on time to delight its valuable customers, the construction of the iconic Capitol TwinPeaks is continuing at a rapid pace well ahead of schedule. The company’s customer-centricity is evident in the fact that the company delivers its promise of handing over projects in a timely manner to investors, so that they can gain expected returns from their investment in Capitol TwinPeaks as planned.


Scheduled to be ready for occupation by end-2020, Capitol TwinPeaks is envisioned as an iconic project consisting of 400 plus apartments featuring 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms; at its strategic location at 24, Staple Street, Colombo 2. One of Colombo’s most central apartment blocks, it is located in what’s to be the trendiest neighbourhood in 2020, with proximity to prestigious shopping malls and other conveniences, in addition to a beautiful entry point with the lake frontage of Beira Lake. The rapid development of Capitol TwinPeaks and other mega infrastructure projects in the surrounding area is driving the real estate prices up in the vicinity, rendering Capitol TwinPeaks a highly lucrative project for the most discerning investor.


Apart from considering the location, the partners in the project are a key consideration of a prospective investment property. Capitol Developers is a member of the renowned construction giant, Sanken Group. In fact, all properties developed by Capitol Developers have been contracted to Sanken Construction (Pvt) Ltd., the most trusted name in the construction industry, which guarantees timely delivery of the apartments to buyers along with the hallmark construction quality of the Sanken brand. Sanken has a reliable track record in world-class quality construction, being responsible for 80% of Colombo’s skyline, which makes this project a highly stable investment.


Considering the prime location and international luxury standards the project promises, Capitol TwinPeaks is widely expected to pull in an even higher yield in rentals once complete. The investments in Sri Lankan real estate market are comparatively more lucrative and profitable in comparison to other emerging real estate markets of Asia. Furthermore, the entry of international hotel, shopping and resort chains in Colombo will complete the transformation of the Capital as a cosmopolitan hotspot for travel and tourism.


Recently completed projects by Capitol Developers, namely, Capitol 7 and Capitol Elite, have witnessed approximately 75% capital appreciation from the time of booking till completion. Considering the upscale Capitol TwinPeaks project, customers can expect around the same appreciation of their investment if not higher once it is completed by end-2020. Other high value mega infrastructure projects too are expected to mushroom in the vicinity as will the Light Rail Transport system, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, all of which will drive the real estate capital appreciation in and around Capitol TwinPeaks to new highs.


The project will also appeal to the new lifestyle trend of luxury condominium living amongst young couples and expatriates, who desire to make a lifestyle choice to live in the city, coupled with the growing interest from foreign investors, buyers and expatriates. Capitol TwinPeaks is the ultimate in luxury living and the most happening destination for those seeking the ultimate luxury lifestyle.

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