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Sanken Construction conducts wind tunnel test for Capitol TwinPeaks

October 19, 2017

Luxury living at its best, the combined synergies of Capitol Developers and Sanken Construction renders Capitol TwinPeaks a lucrative investment. The 470-apartment twin tower project located at 24, Staple Street, Colombo 02 incorporates the latest trends in condominium construction.


The project has incorporated the latest technology available in the industry for its design development and construction activities from its rudimentary stage to ensure its structural performance and long-term stability. Sanken Construction recently conducted a wind tunnel test for Capitol TwinPeaks despite its high cost to ensure that it delivers the best possible product to its clients.


Determining what the wind loads will be for specific mean recurrence intervals and understanding what the uncertainties are in these loads is critical, which is why Sanken undertook the wind tunnel test for Capitol TwinPeaks, which rises up to 182m and therefore requires an accurate assessment of wind loads on cladding elements to ensure adequate strength. The main structure of a tall building and its facade must be designed to safely withstand the extreme winds to which the building will be subjected during its expected life. Since there are no laboratory facilities available in Sri Lanka to perform this test, the wind tunnel test was performed by a renowned wind tunnel testing consultant, CPP Wind Engineering and Air Quality Experts from Australia. Capitol TwinPeaks stands tall at height of 182m from ground level making it susceptible to nature’s extreme conditions. Some of the most fascinating features of Capitol TwinPeaks such as the Sky lounge sunset bar, sky bridge and so on are located at the roof top level. Through this wind tunnel test, the developer was able to verify how the wind flow patterns surrounding the building effects the building and its contents and necessary rectifications needed to provide safe and pleasant living conditions for residents. Results obtained from this test were then forwarded to principal structural designer and facade designer to optimize the design.


The presence of Sanken guarantees immense value addition to the ambitious Capitol TwinPeaks project. Apart from its impeccable track record of delivering projects on time, Sanken Construction infuses the best aesthetic features in the project along with international living standards to set a benchmark in trendy lifestyles.


Capitol Developers Ltd is a member of the reputed construction giant, Sanken Group. All properties developed by Capitol Developers have been contracted to Sanken Construction (Pvt.) Ltd, the most trusted name in the construction industry, which guarantees timely delivery of the apartments to buyers along with the hallmark construction quality of the Sanken brand.


Scheduled to be ready for occupation by end 2020, Capitol TwinPeaks is envisioned as an iconic project consisting of 400 plus apartments featuring two, three, four and five bedrooms; two basements and six floors of parking. With four different unit types to consider, the unique mix suits both couples and multi-generational families.


High ceilings, full-glass windows and functional layouts allow for natural light permeation, giving each unit warmth and personal privacy. The project will also appeal to the new lifestyle trend of luxury condominium living amongst young couples and expatriates, who desire to make a lifestyle statement, coupled with the growing interest from foreign investors, buyers and expatriates. Capitol TwinPeaks is the ultimate in luxury living.

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